10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 5

10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 5
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 05, 2011

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Phaedra apologizes (again) with a gift. This time it’s to Kandi for offending
Mama Joyce with that ridiculous stripper.

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Cynthia switches gears from model to emcee for a fashion show. She unfortunately trips…over her words.

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Cynthia’s sister Mal gets highly emotional when she tells her and mother she’s contemplating helping Peter
out financially again. Oh Mal, why must you cry?

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Sheree and ex-hubby Bob Whitfield meet up to discuss child support (he hasn’t paid in four years). Clearly tired of it all, Sheree threatens legal action. Bob retorts, “Do it.”

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Kim has a heart to heart with Brielle to reassure her that although things will
change with the new baby, they’ll be good changes.

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Cynthia ends up offering money to her other half to help get his new business off the ground. While appreciative, he refuses with a, “I’m good.”

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During a visit to Phaedra’s office, Sheree gets emotional as she contemplates
taking legal action that could land her ex in jail.

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Kandi’s mom is still upset about the “disaster of a fiesta.” She reminds Kandi
that she might be her homegirl, but she’s her momma first.

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At Bar One’s sneak preview event, Peter unveils a beautiful picture of Cynthia
rocking a huge afro.

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When NeNe shows up super late to host Peter’s opening, she ignores selected folks (namely Charles Grant, who’s she’s rumored to have dated) which causes more speculation.