10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 4

10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 4
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 28, 2011

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Phaedra shows up to Kim’s house with a gift basket and an apology. After a run on sentence, she admits that the “wrestle mania” between Apollo and Peter at Kim’s baby shower was inappropriate.

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Cynthia sits her sister, Malorie, and husband, Peter, down to work on getting closure. What starts out as a calm discussion quickly escalates to a heated argument with Malorie defending her actions, “Cynthia is my business.”

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When Phaedra and Sheree help Kandi pick a venue for her 35th birthday party, they discover NeNe will be invited too. “Keep that bitch on that side,” Sheree quips. Good thing the place is big enough for both of them.

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NeNe expresses her real thoughts on Kandi and Kim’s strained friendship. “I think Kandi wanted a friendship and Kim wanted a hit song.”

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Judging from derek J and Kandi’s outfits, skinny jeans and animal print wedges are what’s hot in Atlanta.

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When Phaedra brings the infamous stripper Ridiculous to perform at Kandi’s party, all hell (and an anaconda) breaks loose. Those who weren’t impressed by his ability to “pleasure himself” were utterly repulsed. Especially Mama Joyce!

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Perhaps Phaedra said it best. "“Lawrence looks like Mr. T dipped in Wonder Woman. Super hero of the South!”

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Kim hires a “baby consultant” to provide a (painful) tutorial on circumcision. It’s important to Kim that her son’s penis doesn’t wear a turtleneck.

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During Nene’s visit to Cynthia’s house, Peter gets a call that a $40 thousand check for his new lounge Bar One has bounced. Uh-oh.

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Malorie still has lots of questions about Cynthia’s finances and Peter’s new venture. Cynthia pushes back and brings up issues in Malorie’s relationship. “Yall situation aint’ all great and lovely.”