10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 3

10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 3
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 21, 2011

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The diva’s new home will include a gym, theatre and even a library. But please understand: Her love for the library is greater than her love for the actual books.

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After a recent encounter with the boys in blue, a frustrated Apollo airs his grievances to Phaedra. He has lots to say about rumors, incarceration, society’s expectations and loyalty in marriage.

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During his first visit to the Thomas-Bailey home since the wedding, Cynthia’s ex, Leon, shares some advice with Peter. As a man who has been in the Cynthia family business longer, he advises him to work out the issues with her mom and sister.

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When Sheree meets Kim for lunch she discovers she should’ve worn different shoes (again). She’s forced to wobble her way through a pool of rocks in 4 (+) inch heels.

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When the newly (legally) separated Gregg and NeNe reunite, the discussion turns to dating. When he asks if she’s seeing anyone, NeNe quips “It ain’t important.”

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Just shy of pulling out his resume, Kim’s father sells his “services” to Phaedra during dinner, describing a deal between the two of them as a “win-win.” Phaedra is very gracious and doesn’t even offer a (warranted) side eye.

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When Phaedra and Kandi meet up to shop for Kim’s baby shower, they find tons of fun stuff like “mother tucker”, “hooter hiders” and even a monkey with a wig.

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Kim’s baby shower is a fabulous, elaborate event. So much so that it reminds Phaedra of her own. The same one Kim complained was over the top last season.

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When the adorable Ariana discovers that her mom only had a baby shower for her eldest child and not her, she’s pretty insulted. “Oh my gosh, I hate you,” she tells Kim.

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Peter’s interview with a magazine has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. But no one is angrier than Apollo who warns Peter to, “Back down, you’re too old." Jabs were thrown, but luckily not the real ones.