10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 2

10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 2
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 14, 2011

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NeNe invites Kandi and Cynthia to Miami for an all-girls weekend. Once they arrive, they learn that it’s Lesbian Pride Weekend. The girls quip, “I guess it’s definitely an all girls weekend.”

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When Phaedra visits Willie Watkins at his funeral home, her new mentor Willie reminds her that it’s not only compassion that she needs, its longer skirts as well. Like any real church going Southern Belle, Phaedra pulls out her prayer cloth, a little white piece of material that women use to cover their knees and thighs. Now about that compassion part.

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Sheree and Kim meet for dinner and the conversation leads to, you guessed it, NeNe. They joke about NeNe’s new found riches and Sheree warns that NeNe should humble herself. “As fast as you can go up, you can go down…just like a stripper pole,” she jokes.

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While in Miami, NeNe has an agent show her a $9 million dollar home (yes, 9 million) in case she decides to move away from Atlanta. Kandi is concerned that the purchase might be premature and risky. But NeNe assures her that she’ll make the right decision.

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A lesbian couple rolls up on the ladies to invite them to a few events during Lesbian Pride weekend. Thanks, but no thanks, NeNe proclaims. ’I’m strictly di**ly.’ Alrighty then!

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While catching rays on the beach, the ladies discuss dating, sex toys and lesbians. Kandi, who says she’d be open to a lesbian encounter but not a relationship, suggests NeNe use The Bullet, a sex toy. But NeNe isn’t interested. Apparently, she thinks it’ll “burn the coochie.” Besides, a dildo won’t give you compliments in bed.

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While taking her coy son to buy cleats for football, Sheree shares that she wishes her ex-hubby Bob Whitfield would play a more active role in his life. And time is moving fast. The 14- year- old will be a man soon…he already wears a size 14 shoe.

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Phaedra and Apollo discuss Phaedra’s plans to open a funeral home. Apollo has a few questions for his wife (namely, are funerals your passion) and when Phaedra tries to persuade Apollo to get involved, he’s not interested. Pick up the bodies? No. Plan arrangements with the family? No. Embalming? No. Things aren’t shaping up to be a “family” business after all.

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For Kim’s 33rd birthday, Kroy picks her up a $22 thousand dollar chocolate diamond bracelet. While she’s surprised and happy, her reaction seems a little mild for a piece of jewelry that expensive. But hey, she’s use to it; She did date Big Poppa.

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The gang gets together to throw Kim a surprise party for her 33rd birthday. Middle Man. Naturally, the conversation turns to NeNe.


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