10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 15

10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 15
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 05, 2012

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Resident lady of leisure Marlo Hampton’s idea of great room service is her lying on her bed chomping on crushed ice while a hotel staffer (with a brace on her arm) packs her 29 pairs of designer shoes. But really, Marlo’s shoe collection deserves it’s own episode. We’re just sayin…

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The ladies say their final farewells to hotel staff and “Africa.” NeNe seems to have enjoyed herself on the trip despite her initial hesitance. It starts raining and Phaedra declares, “Africa is crying because we’re leaving.”

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Back in Atlanta, Phaedra and Kim decide to visit the property where Sheree is building her new home, but gasp, not a brick has been laid a month later. The better question is why Phaedra and Kandi would visit the site without Sheree. Fodder for more chatter about her? Perhaps.

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Kim invites the ladies over to meet her newborn son, KJ. They bring gifts from Africa but the good times soon turn sour as the lunch turns into a heated argument once the ladies start discussing Kandi’s comments about Kim not wanting to hold a Black baby.

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What happened to the nice Sheree that was in South Africa? Her snarky side returns on this episode as she continues to stir trouble between Kim and Kandi.

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Much like season 3, Kim has to prove she’s not a racist yet again (why do Bravo producers even go there?). This time she fends off accusations that she would never hold a Black baby, stemming from a conversation between Kandi, Cynthia and Sheree back in South Africa. “I’ll hold a Black baby, a purple baby, a White baby. I love babies, B***h!” she snaps back.

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NeNe finds out her son Bryson is in jail for shoplifting razors at a local Walmart. Sidnote: it’s his second arrest in two years. She decides to teach him a hard lesson by leaving him there for a few days. “It’s time to show tough love,” she tells Peter. “He’s had an easy life.”

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Cynthia’s husband Peter Thomas wants to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary and enlists NeNe’s help. The two visit a wedding planner where Peter declares that he wants a black tie affair but doesn’t want to feed his “hungry” guests too much food between 7pm and midnight. Really?

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While Kim frantically looks for a nanny for baby KJ, her assistant Sweetie can be seen lounging by the pool with her 15-year-old daughter Brielle discussing Lord knows what. “You don’t even need a tan!” shouts Kim before ordering Sweetie back to house to do some “real” work. Can you imagine how these two will be on Kim’s spinoff show?

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The boss-employee line between Kim and Sweetie is clearly a blurry one. Kim complains about her assistant’s lackadaisical approach to work and we get the sense this might be the end of the road for their relationship.

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