10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 11

10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 11
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 23, 2012

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NeNe visits the fabulous home of her new BFF Marlo Hampton. After a tour of the place, the ladies end up in her closet full of designer handbags and shoes. Marlo offers NeNe one of her Chanel bags and NeNe offers Marlo an invite to join the girls on their trip to Africa. NeNe declines, Marlo accepts. Deal!

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Determined to lose the last 10 pregnancy pounds, Kim Zolciak decides to try a quick scheme that requires her to wrap her body up like a mummy. The results: After walking around in the Michelin Man suit for an hour, 10
12 inches are gone.

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Kim’s method might be quick and easy, but Kandi’s more tickled by the grind of it all. She decides working out with a trainer, boot camp style is her cup of tea. Oh, Kandi, so ethical she is.

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Cynthia gushes to hubby Peter Thomas about her much needed 10-day vacation to Africa. He jokes that his wife seems too excited about spending so much time apart from him. Is Peter on to something?

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Phaedra catches her hubby Apollo up to date on Marlo Hampton’s criminal past. He seems surprised but, as usual, uninterested. Phaedra later quips that the only person she hangs out with that has a wrap sheet is her hubby. Ouch!

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What do all best friends do? Why shop together of course! When NeNe and Marlo meet to pick up a few things for their trip, NeNe shares that she’ll “never say never” about a reconciliation with Kim. And apparently she’ll never say $10,000 either. When NeNe checks her receipt she discovers her bill is over $10,000. She promptly asks for a return. Marlo doesn’t. (Balling!)

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Kim and Kroy head out for Mexican dinner on Kroy’s last night before leaving for football camp. Kim sips her first margarita since having baby KJ while Kroy discusses a new security system which lets him watch her – and the house – from his phone. Snooping much, Kroy! The protective dad assures her he’s more interested in his family’s safety than being a virtual peeping tom.

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Meanwhile back at the Mcmansion, Kim asks her assistant Sweetie to prep a romantic evening for her and Kroy’s last night together. Champagne, candles and bubble bath all included. Sounds perfect, right? Only if everything had actually been set up by the time they arrived to the house.

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Cynthia busts out some braids for the ladies’ excursion to the Motherland. Homage to Africa or a relieving herself of a weave? Probably the latter.

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The ladies all meet up at the airport for their trip. Sheree, Phaedra, Cynthia, and Kandi all arrive. Only one missing is NeNe. After hopping out of the car, the girls realize she has more baggage…and it’s Marlo. The price on everyone’s face was priceless.

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