10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 10

10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 10
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 16, 2012

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Ever the country boy, Kim’s man Kory insists that Kim learn how to use (and buy) a gun. A natural, she shots a .22 and .380 with a steady arm. But don’t worry, Kim’s still all lady. She decides on a pink gun.

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Phaedra and Cynthia grab their men for a double date. Despite their last encounter at Kim’s baby shower where things almost got physical, the men were civil. But it’s hard not to smile when Phaedra’s discussion of the heat wave leads to a “powder in the panty” day quip.

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Phaedra is determined to get all the ladies on board for a trip to South Africa. She takes Kandi to an African dance class. There was a lot of sweating, booty smacking and drums.

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Revving up for their trip to the motherland, Phaedra and Sheree take a field trip to a black history museum. A self described “connoisseur of artistic nudity” Phaedra gropes a statue of a slave and his family jewels. Disappointed, she says he’s no Ridickulous.

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On a visit to a blog, Kandi discovers mug shots of NeNe’s new BFF, Marlo. Kandi feels empowers because she now “knows how to deal with her.” Phaedra declares “Marlo is dangerous!"

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Nene meets up with Mr. big (aka pizza mogul John Kolaj) and his design team to discuss her new lounge that will cater to professionals who earn 200k a year. Now that’s a grown and sexy crowd for sure. After agreeing to a 1.8 million dollar venture, John serenades NeNe with yet another pair of red bottom shoes.

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Kim returns to her favorite (and accurate) psychic, Rose for more predictions. Rose sees another child- a girl- and a marriage to Kroy that will last till’ death do them part. She even reads lil’ KJ’s hand and declares he won’t be getting married early on in life. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Phaedra may know some big people in the motherland, but her cell phone carrier won’t allow her stay in touch with them. Her call to the Vice President of Ghana drops.

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Oh, Mama Joyce. After a few drinks (oh, was there alcohol in these?) Kandi’s mom insists that Sheree and Kim acknowledge Nene with a “Hi.” The ladies reluctantly comply only for Nene to return an even less enthusiastic “Hi.”

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At dinner, when asked if she’ll be attending the trip to South Africa, Nene politely replies no. Outside the restaurant, she tells Kandi she’ll consider it. But it looks like she does in fact board the plane in next week’s episode. This should be interesting!