10 Best Moments from RHOA Episode 1

10 Best Moments from RHOA Episode 1
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 07, 2011

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Sheree accuses NeNe of stealing money from her for an appearance fee. The ladies meet over lunch (of course) to discuss the details. Unfortunately nothing is resolved as they both go for the jugular – hurling tons of insults at each other.

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The drama continues as Sheree tells NeNe that the only reason she was featured on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ is because ‘they needed an irate crazy b***h.’ Uh-oh, those are fighting words, Sheree.

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‘While you were busy running your mouth, I was running to the bank, sweetie,’ says NeNe. ‘I am rich, b***h.’ This is certainly not the last time we’ll be hearing from these two.

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It looks like NeNe and her 21-year-old son Bryson are back on good terms after an explosive season 3. NeNe decides he needs a car so he can help her run errands, and stop bugging her. And she pays for it in cash. $13, 000 of it. Clearly NeNe is smiling all the way to the bank.

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Not many women can say they enjoy making funeral programs for kicks. Then again, not many women are Phaedra Parks. The sassy Southern belle makes it her mission to add ‘pop’ to her aunt’s funeral. She ends up directing the service and discovers she’s on to something. Funerals!

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“Kandi’s imagination leads her to the world of sex, my imagination leads me to the world of the dead,” says Phaedra. Moments after orchestrating her aunt’s funeral, a pro in the funeral business tells Phaedra she is a ’natural."

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You can always count on Kandi to keeps things interesting – remember her ‘Freak number" episode last season? This time, the Kandi’s taking her love of sex toys and music to the bank by launching a sex toy line that features a vibrator that connects to an iPod. Genius!

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In one of her ever-surprising sexually liberated moments, Phaedra volunteers to demonstrate how the ladies can “do it doggystyle” on a pillow during their visit to an adult toy shop.

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Newlywed Cynthia Bailey decides to open her own modeling agency in Atlanta and enlists the help of “America’s Next Top Model” judge Miss Jay Alexander.

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Ever the scene-stealer, Miss Jay twirls and sashayes his way into one of the most memorable segments on Episode 1 as he teaches prospective models at Cynthia’s agency how to walk the runway.

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NeNe gets emotional about her blowout with Sheree. Cynthia comes over to comfor


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