10 Best #GrowingUpBlack Memes About Black Hair

As #GrowingUpBlack swept across Black Twitter, the laugh-worthy memes were all too familiar. We've decided to put together 10 of the best #GrowingUpBlack memes that tell the true story of Black hair. 

Imani Brammer Jul, 16, 2015

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Turning left or right was always a very dramatic affair!

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Pink Lotion was always in the closet. It was the first aid kit essential for black hair. 

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"You better sit still."-- words to always remember. 

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Every little girl had one of these three hairstyles, and if your hair was long, then you were the coolest girl on the block. Don't lie! 

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Let's be honest: Aunty's hair was always fresh-out-the-hair-salon done and you couldn't tell her anything.

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These brushes caused you to squint and flinch at the same time. 

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Blue Magic: The go to for all things hair, scalp and maybe even edges. And that hot comb...just make sure you cover your ears. 

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If you ever returned home with your hair looking different from how your mother did it...

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And you pray  that soap doesn't get in your eye. This is long before co-wash days. 

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The result of these can be seen in every ol' school high school year book photo.