10 Beauty Moments That Prove Vanessa Williams Always Held The Crown

In 1983, Vanessa Williams was the first black women to be crowned Miss America. Because of a scandal, she was pressured to reliquish her crown. She did so, and moved on to become one of the most sucessful Miss America's to date. Here are 10 beauty reasons why she's always been a queen in our eyes!

Virginia Lowman Sep, 14, 2015

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She's been making a case for kohl-lined eyes and tinted balmy lips since 1983.

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She's regal. Tousled waves, cinnamon skin and bone structure that makes us green with envy. 

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At 52 years-young, she still has some of the most gorgeous skin we've ever seen! V, share your royal secrets with us, please!

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Her look for the role of Wilhemina, in Ugly Betty was next level fabulous. She was contoured to perfection and had an attitude to match! 

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Pictured here at at 27, she's embodies that idea of "beauty at every age." Williams may have relinquished the title, but she never lost the crown.

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Flushed cheeks, nude lips and smile that that's up the room. She's unstoppable. 

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She's an advocate for being true to herself; opting for looks that enhance her natural beauty with nude palettes and bold lips. 

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She rocks the trends before they're trendy. Pictured here sporting balmy skin, romantic lashes and brown lipstick. 

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Her versatility knows no bounds. Whether sleek and chic, or curly and flirty, her beauty look is always up to the challenge.

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She's proof that queendom is a state of mind. Being called "Miss America" was just as added bonus.


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