10 Beauty Lessons to Steal From The ESSENCE Street Style Block Party

They say beauty experts know best, but the second annual ESSENCE Block Party proved that real women have important beauty lessons to impart as well. Take a look at our favorites.

Deena Campbell Sep, 14, 2015

1 of 10 Hannan Saleh

Include traditional African makeup methods in your everyday wear for a touch of uniqueness.

2 of 10 Hannan Saleh

Red lips aren't just for date night, wear a ruby red lip for any occasion, especially during the day.

3 of 10 Hannan Saleh

Groomed, perfectly-arched eyebrows help balance your features. For best results, like Shana Jackson's, follow the natural shape of your brows.

4 of 10 Hannan Saleh

Heavy makeup isn't always the best option. We spotted Krystal Garner displaying "less is more!"

5 of 10 Hannan Saleh

Wearing a soft flush of color creates a flawless look that's beautiful and natural looking.

6 of 10 Hannan Saleh

Big hair reigns supreme!

7 of 10 Hannan Saleh

A red scarf like Kaone Karo's is a great compliment to a pretty smile.

8 of 10 Hannan Saleh

Sure we love a smoky eye or a colored lip, but our biggest asset is our smile.

9 of 10 Hannan Saleh

Live the life you want and remember that true beauty comes from the inside.

10 of 10 Hannan Saleh

A halo braid with a middle part can be easily dressed up or down.


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# News