10 Amazing Dates You Won't Want To End

These matchmaker-approved date ideas will instantly revive your dating scene. Think beyond a movie and dinner and try one of these instantly fun dates.

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It could seem cliché for some, but if you haven’t gone in a while, look up a wine vineyard in your area to visit. Depending on your location, there could be a sweet, scenic and romantic drive involved too. Once you arrive, tasting all of the wines and learning even more about your mate’s palate is always sexy. Make sure you purchase your favorite vino so you can pop more bottles together later.

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Most upscale grocery stores offer cooking classes now, which is fun in a group. Or you can even research chefs or restaurants in your area that are promoting true cooking classes for couples. Learn a few dishes together and then make plans to make them again a few weeks later with a bottle of wine, enjoying the memories, and remembering all of the instructions you had together. Try a different cuisine to break the monotony. He’ll always remember that special dish he learned to make with you. 

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Observing nature is always calming and helps us all to stop and literally “smell the roses.” You can hold hands while taking a more interesting walk than the usual down your street and back, and even bring a delicious picnic lunch as most botanical gardens have tables and areas outside for eating. Remember to pack it in a cute picnic basket and bring along a nice outdoor blanket to lie on after your meal and enjoy the fresh air and great conversation.

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Choose a charity race to support. As the weather breaks consider signing up for a 5K race and train together. If this is your first 5K race, you can download the app “couch 2 5K” and this walk/run program will allow you to train together to prepare you for the race. This displays teamwork, effort and a sense of accomplishment for both parties.  You will feel especially great when you cross the finish line together knowing you helped further a cause that is near and dear to your hearts. Disclaimer…. it’s addicting. 

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Why wait until you’re away on a Caribbean vacation to enjoy horseback riding? Most states have farms that offer lessons and there’s nothing like mastering the skill and then coming back again to enjoy a beautiful day together, forgetting all of the day to day stressors, and riding together in the open countryside.

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Do you both go to the gym at different times or better yet have one or both of you gotten out of working out?  If time seems almost non-existent in your schedule, maybe you can combine your fitness goals and workout together once or twice a week.  It will be fun to encourage each other and then celebrate each milestone as you make the progress you desire. 

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Maybe you’re the active and adventurous type or even better maybe you’re usually not, but open to trying something new. Look online in your area for activity centers that offer indoor rock climbing, throw on your sneakers, and make plans to go. Show each other that you have the flexibility to get dressed up for a night on the town but also have the fortitude to get down and dirty with this activity too.  Start on opposite sides of the wall and climb together until you reach the top. It might be nice to help each other with ideas if one gets stuck wondering what the best plan would be and practice letting each other lead with direction from time to time.

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We see advertisements all the time for salsa, ballroom, or even line dancing or stepping classes but when was the last time you signed up? Make plans for a type of dance that will be new for you both, put on a sexy dress and heels, and look forward to dancing the night away intertwined with each other while learning new moves. Remember you are there to have fun so if you step on each other’s toes (literally) laugh it off and keep dancing! 

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What can be better than your man standing behind you and you behind him as you both learn how to hit the target. Most of us have been waiting for an opportunity to become arm and arm. Additionally, it’s a great way for him to show his masculinity and lead. You can laugh as you start far off from the bulls-eye but praise each other as you get closer and closer.

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Yes, we said it. It’s great to learn on vacation but it’s even better to go before you arrive to that tropical destination because you can spend more time exploring together rather than spending quality sun time learning the basics.  Once you receive your certifications you can add some additional excitement to planning your time away. 


We encourage you to think outside the box. We want you to have fun, display teamwork, laugh until your stomach hurts, and enjoy plenty of conversations.  Keep an open mind and tweet us with your pictures. @MatchmakingDuo

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