14 Photos That Prove Flex and Shanice's Love Is Like Something Out of a 90s R&B Video

After being happily married for 16 years and counting, reality TV stars Flex and Shanice couldn't possibly be any more in love.

Charli Penn Jul, 11, 2016

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Flex and Shanice met by pure happenstance and fell in love almost immediately. After exchanging vows in a dreamy wedding ceremony, they've been through thick and thin together and celebrated 16 years of marriage this year. Together they made two beautiful children, daughter Imani Shekinah Knox, 14, and son Elijah Alexander Knox, 12. We have to admit, the stars of Flex and Shanice on OWN gives us major relationship goals. Just look at how cute they are.

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Every time we see them, they're wearing matching smiles.

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A sweet moment from Flex & Shanice's picture-perfect wedding day.

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Their throwback family photos give us major feels each time they pop on our social timelines.

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Now, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander do date night right.

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A tender moment at the altar 16 years ago for two neighbors turned lovers ready to commit their live to one another.

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Did we mention these two just cannot take a bad photo? Their love glow is always their best accessory.

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Do you know how we know that's Shanice's Bae for life? Their pair pose cheek-to-cheek every chance they can get because they're closer than close.

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We love their sense of humor too. For an April Fool's Day joke Shanice posted this throwback gem with the caption "I can't believe I'm pregnant again."

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Whether they're smiling or pouting, these two happily married lovebirds are always in sync.

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Too. Cute. That is all!

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Although Flex and Shanice didn’t know each other during their proms, that doesn't stop the classic "prom pose" from being one of their absolute favorites.

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Want more of their love? Catch their oversized family loving on each other on Flex & Shanice on Sunday nights on OWN at 9pm EST.


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