Naptural 85

Whitney White is a beauty and lifestyle influencer that has built a significant social media presence across multiple platforms. With over 2.5 million followers, her brand, Naptural85, is one of the original pioneers in the online Black hair and beauty spaces. The Naptural85 brand maintains its elite status as the best natural hair video-blog, showcasing simple hair care tutorials and fun DIY recipes.


Friday 03:35 PM Beauty & Style

Whip your hair into some serious shape with the help of beauty influencer and haircare aficionado, Naptural85! Watch as she presents a live demonstration of how to boost your hair health with products you can make at home!

Friday 04:00 PM Beauty & Style

Learn how to be a powerhouse in the beauty business with tips from some of our favorite millennial beauty mavens! Get the lowdown on how these breathtaking babes have made it to rockstar status!