Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina is the professional makeup artist turned YouTube superstar whose passion for content that teaches, inspires and gives confidence to women of color has garnered a loyal and thriving fanbase. A bold voice in beauty and fashion, Jackie is known for her insider tips and unapologetic glam, as well as her signature humor, honesty and message-driven content.


Friday 01:35 PM Beauty & Style

Watch BFFs Celebs Tisha Campbell & Tichina Arnold battle against beauty influencers Tai Beauchamp & J. Bolin in our beauty trivia contest for the most coveted beauty prizes! Hosted by Jackie Aina.

Friday 04:00 PM Beauty & Style

Learn how to be a powerhouse in the beauty business with tips from some of our favorite millennial beauty mavens! Get the lowdown on how these breathtaking babes have made it to rockstar status!