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[MUSIC] You know the sad thing about what the Donald Trump era has done is that it, from African point of view, from us in Africa looking in He, it was almost like a step back. He just took America a step back with how Obama had kind of moved if forward, and just brought this new dream and this new hope and this new America, and this reformed America. America the dream America. You know, what the world knows it to be. When it happened I was like [BLANK_AUDIO] No, it must be a dream. I think a lot of people aren't, they don't know the real issues, and the real underlying issues that Americans are facing. But, from the outside looking in, It's not pretty and it's not cool. It doesn't look like America dreamland America anymore. [MUSIC]

Rising South African actress, model and our 2017 ESSENCE Festival Durban host Nomzamo Mbatha gives her honest assessment of Trump’s time in office thus far. She also weighs in on why she feels his leadership is taking America in the wrong direction and changing the perception of the “American Dream.”

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