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[MUSIC] So at Essence Festival Durban, not only do you get to fill your heart and your mind, but you also get to fill your belly. So I'm here with celebrity chef Sherwyn Weaich. [SOUND] So excited to chat with him. We're going to talk about a whole bunch of things. 1st of all let's talk about that dish you made. Which one? The Sunday Quickie.>> Talk to me about the Sunday Quickie. French bread. We took it toss it with some egg and vanilla extract, toss it up in In the pan with the brown butter gives it a nutty flavor, toss in Cinnamon and sugar and drizzle with a chocolate ganache. What is some local foods that are like know in Durban or Durban is known for rather?>> In the world in General everyone in knows Durban for the Bunny Chow. We got that stuff tied down. What? I almost said a bad word. [LAUGH] What were you gonna say? We'll just bleep it out. [SOUND] Okay. We're totally bleeping that out. [LAUGH] So tell me more about the Bunny Chow. It's one of the restaurants you go to, that's unique to as is German. Germany has the second largest population of Indian people, outside of India. In addition to that they came with all their spices, so my grandmother told me all about spices, mixing spices, so it's literally like [UNKNOWN] for bread, make a hole in the middle, you put any curry you want inside So there's a lot of similarities that talk of Durban and New Orleans being sister cities. What similarities do you see between the flavors from New Orleans and Durban? Do you see any similarities? [UNKNOWN] spices. Now, I'm luckily enough my brother was a Jamaican and you guys all fall under the same category. And he made Jerk chicken up on stage [UNKNOWN] goods. I love [CROSSTALK]. [LAUGH] We call it [UNKNOWN]. And what we create differently. So it's nice to [UNKNOWN] with other cultures and find new things. That is what the [UNKNOWN] is doing Yeah. At the end of the day, it's all about food bringing people together. You create memories, experiences. The food starts the conversation, breaking down those barriers. I love it, I love it. Guys, thank you so much for tuning in. We'll see you guys see you guys hopefully in New Orleans, right? Yeah, New Orleans, next year. I'll work something out. You are gonna make it happen, right? I'll make it happen. There you go. Love seeing you guys. Thank you.

There’s plenty to fall in love with while visiting Durban, South Africa for ESSENCE Festival Durban 2017 and the food is at the top of the list. Check out the video above for a peak at some of the delicious eats and then click HERE for more info on how you can join us in Durban!

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