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Myth vs. Fact: 2019 Essence Festival Edition

Do hotels really sell out early? Should you really wait to buy concert tickets? We're debunking all the common Essence Fest myths!
“Is it REALLY necessary to book your hotel that early?” “ESSENCE Festival is really just a weekend of concerts?” “I heard you should wait to buy concert tickets until after they announce the lineup…” Sound familiar? Of course it does! With all the excitement around our 25th-year Festival celebration coming up in 2019, it’s easy to get confused about which information is true and which isn’t. But not to worry—today, we’re doing a little fact checking to debunk some of the most common ESSENCE Festival myths. Click HERE to get tickets for ESSENCE Festival 2019, celebrating 25 years of moving the culture forward! Scroll through to get the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and then be sure to visit our official ESSENCE Festival website for more information on how to start planning your trip. See you in NOLA!