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If You're A Hairstylist, You Need These Pro Tips For Weathering A Crisis

Celebrity stylist and salon owner Kiyah Wright shares advice on how beauty industry professionals can thrive through the pandemic and more.

If you’re a professional hairstylist then you understand the strain that the pandemic has put on business, as well as the fear that some clients have about going back to the salon in this beginning stage of reopening.

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Kiyah Wright might be a celebrity hairstylist but she’s also a salon owner, so she gets it. And during a segment presented in part by Gold Series from Pantene & Royal Oils by Head & Shoulders at Essence Festival’s Beauty Carnival Virtual Experience, the coveted hair guru had some sound advice for professional stylists on specific steps to take to protect their businesses through any crisis.

“It’s really important that you understand products, product knowledge and product sales,” Wright says. “Because if you have a salon or a suite you definitely need to understand that 40 percent of your business is products and product sales. So I really just want to encourage you to get into that online space; understand that if you’re not able to do hair anymore what are you going to do.”

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She also charged professionals to invest in financial literacy, to practice sound financial habits in order to place their businesses in the best position for opportunities and to keep their clients engaged at all times—not just for visits.

“I was approved for PPP and approved for all of these great opportunities because I had my business and my paperwork in order,” she continued. “A lot of stylists don’t pay taxes, a lot of stylists don’t understand all of those little details [that] really do matter for your financial freedom for later. We’re just able to go back to the salon right now. So we really do have to set up our online space and find our niche and be able to communicate with those clients that we’ve accumulated over the years.”

And finally, she advises that stylists and businesses keep their databases up-to-date at all times.

“Do you have a database?” Wright finished. “Make sure that you’re keeping in touch with your clients. Whether they came to you one time or they come to you every single week you should be able to reach those clients as often as possible by way of their emails or their cell phone numbers. Stay in touch with them, give them hair tips, keep them engaged with you because they value your opinion about their hair.”


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