<p>A Seat At The Table: How ESSENCE Festival Has Helped Elevate Every Facet Of The Black Woman</p>

The biggest annual culmination of all things Black Girl Magic, ESSENCE Festival has a lengthy history of celebrating everything that makes our ladies phenomenal.


Let’s be honest, Black women have always been at the forefront, leading the way. Whether adequately recognized or not, our unequivocal contributions to every aspect of all that makes the world go round is undeniable and the unique perspectives we bring to whatever we do continues to play a massive role in shaping today’s society.  

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Black women are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and friends, who are also businesswomen, entertainers, style mavens, educators, activists and politicians — and so much more. Thought of by many as the ultimate annual culmination of all things Black women, the ESSENCE Festival has a lengthy history of celebrating, highlighting and embracing everything that makes our ladies phenomenal.

Black Women In Business & Entrepreneurship
Black women have been taking on leadership roles in the business world for decades. ESSENCE Festival is proud to shine a spotlight on these boardroom divas, while also facilitating the conversations that will aid in grooming the next wave of boss ladies, with our new ESSENCE Festival Path To Power Conference. The history of Black women as inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs in every industry runs deep and sits high, and we’re glad to play a role in providing opportunities that aim to continue that legacy.

ESSENCE Festival 2018 ticket packages are on sale now! For more info and the latest news, visit our Festival page HERE.

Black Women As Icons and Trailblazers In Entertainment
You’ll have a hard time trying to remember a time when Black women weren’t representing the best of the best on the entertainment scene. While the conversations about the lack of people of color, in general, receiving adequate just due in the entertainment industry are as much things of the present as of the past, a lack of recognition has never equaled a lack of raw talent–especially when it comes to Black women. For over 20 years, ESSENCE Festival has gathered the biggest icons, most talented trailblazers and most promising rising stars in Black music under one roof. While our artist lineups have always been inclusive of both male and female entertainers, there’s no other place where you’ll see more Black music star power in a setting curated specifically for, and by, Black women. On the film and television side of things, the ESSENCE Festival Entertainment All Access experiences give attendees the chance to get up close and personal with some of actors/actresses, directors and producers connected to the television programs and films that are bringing our stories to life in extraordinary ways. A special focus is placed on highlighting the work of some of the many Black women who are changing the Hollywood landscape both on screen and behind the scenes.

Black Women As Style Innovators & Trendsetters 
The natural style, grace, and poise that Black women have brought to the fashion and beauty industries are truly second to none. Whether originating a look that quickly grows in popularity or putting our own unique twist on a rising trend, Black women have always taken lead as style innovators from the catwalk to the sidewalk. Our ESSENCE Festival Beauty & Style Expo gives budding fashionistas the chance to come face to face with some of the biggest names in the business, while the daily festival environment connects our ladies with thousands of other stylish divas like themselves. 

Black Women As History-Making Activists, Educators & Visionaries
Social activism has always been a part of our DNA as African-Americans, and Black women have always played pivotal roles in sparking the movements that motivate our communities. Each year, the ESSENCE Festival Empowerment stages host discussions, keynote addresses and other unforgettable moments featuring some of the many women who are leading the charge for change today through their actions as activists, politicians, entertainers, educators, and influencers. 

A one-stop shop for all things Black women, the 2018 ESSENCE Festival is not to be missed! Be sure to grab your tickets today and check back soon for detailed updates on everything you can look forward to at the festival this July.