If You Don't Have These Daniel Caesar Songs On Your Playlist, You Might Want To Get Your Life Together


Rachaell Davis Feb, 14, 2018

As the R&B music sound continues to evolve, while also simultaneously making a beeline for its’ roots, several artists are leading the pack. 2018 ESSENCE Fest performer Daniel Caesar has a sound that combines the soul of classic R&B and Gospel with the all-too-relatable lyrics everpresent in much of today’s music. 

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The result of this seemingly perfect mix has allowed the 22-year-old musician to establish a unique presence in entertainment that only stands to grow stronger. Scroll through to get familiar with 8 Daniel Caesar songs you most definitely need on your playlist if you love beautiful music in its’ purest form and then be sure to grab your tickets to see him do what he does best, live in person, at the 2018 ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans this July.

See you in NOLA!

Daniel Caesar - Blessed

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Daniel Caesar feat. H.E.R. - Best Part

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Daniel Caesar - Hold Me Down

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Chance The Rapper feat. Daniel Caesar - "First World Problems"

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Daniel Caesar - We Find Love

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Daniel Caesar - Get You

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Daniel Caesar feat. Syd - Take Me Away

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Daniel Caesar - Streetcar

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