Sybrina Fulton Shares Four Practical Tips On How To 'Stay Woke'

Sybrina Fulton talks about the importance of community involvement and voting.

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 02, 2017
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And how I stay woke is helping other mothers. That's how you stay woke, by helping others. And it was nothing else that took me to a higher level in my grief than helping other people. And so another thing that I did was I made sure that I voted. In every election, [APPLAUSE] Not just a presidential election, [APPLAUSE] Not just when they elect the president, right? But when they do the local and state election, you have to go out and vote, you have to register people to vote, [APPLAUSE] And so something that you all should be doing Is voting. You also make sure that are registered voter in your city and your state. And make sure you sign up other people as well. Know what's on the ballot, attend the debates. These are some things that you all could be doing. Because I told you what I do but I need to know what you guys gonna do as well. You need to participate in jury duty that is one of the things that we had a problem with and a lot of people say it's the Trayvon Martin case but Trayvon wasn't on trial. How many of you all knew that? [APPLAUSE] Trayvon was not on trial. [APPLAUSE] Trey Vaughn didn't shoot and kill anybody, but we needed a good pool of jury members that we didn't have. So when you get that notice in the mail that tell you that you need to go to jury duty, please go. Please go. I'm asking you. [APPLAUSE] Feel like you obligated to go. And then another thing I want you guys to do, is I want you to get involved in a nonprofit organization. It doesn't have to be the Trayvon Martin foundation, but that's a nice start. Right? [LAUGH] Get involved in NAACP. National Action Network, the National Urban League and some of those organizations that help out and benefit African Americans. Because if we don't look out for ourself nobody is gonna look out for us. [APPLAUSE]