Here's What Happened When We Asked Comedian Roy Wood Jr. To Narrate An ESSENCE Fest Beauty Tutorial Featuring Ellarie

Get ready to laugh...

Rachaell Davis Apr, 19, 2017

Free registration for our all-new ESSENCE Festival Beauty & Style Expo Beauty Carnival is now open and we’ve enlisted the help of two familiar Festival faces to give you a sneak peak of what’s in-store.

Ladies, we’ve all had that moment where one of our husbands, boyfriends, brothers, sons or some other male figure in our lives has attempted to provide unsolicited commentary about our makeup products or makeup routine.

ESSENCE Festival 2017 single-night tickets and ticket packages are on sale now! For more info and the latest news, visit our Festival page here.

As we’ve all found out, many guys are nearly clueless about all that goes into getting ready for a glammed up night out and because of that, their commentary about the subject is usually pretty comical. We asked 2017 ESSENCE Festival Superdome host Roy Wood Jr. to narrate a beauty tutorial done by fab ESSENCE Fest beauty vlogger and entrepreneur Ellarie and as you might imagine, the results were hilarious.

Watch the video above and be sure to check out both Roy and Ellarie at the 2017 ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans this July!

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Hey, it's comedian, Roy Wood, Jr. I'm here to help you get flat for this year's Essence Festival with the help of Ellarie. And she does these wonderful, informative, detailed makeup tutorials. And she's been kind enough to let me do a voiceover work To walk you all through exactly what's happening on the screen. So first thing you want to do, pin your hair back. Your kids will come in, your going to check their homework and the homework look good. You gotta bun Your kids think about it so you just nod and make your kid think you're listening to them, then you give them a little kiss. Now we start with the eyebrows, eyebrow is very important. You gotta do both eyebrows cuz you don't wanna look like you're thinking about something. So that's an edge, that's like wedge up, hell I need one of those. Man I'd have a tight edge up if I had an edge up pencil, where do you get an edge up pencil, is that what it's called, I don't even know if that's what it's called. [SOUND] Okay so now we got okay what's going on here, what in the world? World. And then you're gonna tickle your nose. Tickle your nose on both sides. Tickle your nose rich. And then you tickle down by the nostrils. And then you pat. Now that thing is smoothing some stuff out. That's contour. See I knew that word. [NOISE] She's doing a lot of work. This is good. Use your dominant hand to put makeup on. Cuz otherwise on half of your face is liable to look sad. And everybody's going to ask you, what's wrong and what's going on with your life. Where did the towel came from? [NOISE] Okay so now we got a wrap towel to spray the face, to get that stuff from being on the hair. You got to be very gently. You gotta be very gentle. It's like one centimeter off and you can make yourself blind. You'd be blind or beautiful. You just gotta have a steady hand. So, now we putting on the eyelashes. So That's now we're getting into the home stretch here, see the skin is smooth, you got the eyeliner going, you got them eyelashes popping. Yeah and you know you got that swag look at that swag swag swag. Okay it's time for lips now, that's the most important part. The lips are important. You watch a video like this and it really makes you appreciate what a woman go through. To look gorgeous. [MUSIC] This is a lot of work. This video, man, all I do is wash my face and boom, you done that's it. Now, if you want the Real deal from Elorie herself. Check out the beauty carnival at the Beauty & Style Expo. You can register by downloading the Essence Fest app now. [BLANK_AUDIO]