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[BLANK_AUDIO] We have to talk about Essence Festival. Okay. What can we expect from your set? What can fans expect? I'm actually literally practicing right now. I have my whole team together. I'm trying to make sure that the lineup is right and the dancers are right. I might even be doing a little bit of dancing myself. Really. [LAUGH] That's exciting. It's so weird, my birthday just recently passed. And one of my fans had put together a video Of me, about minute long for IG. And I never realized, how much I just dance all the time. Every single clip I'm just doing some weird- You're just dancing? Signature move. I'm like hmm, maybe I should incorporate some of that into my- You should. I'm really excited to see that. I wanna see your two-step and little more than just doing a two-step. I got like five and a half steps. You got five and half. I'm here for it. Any special guests that we can look forward to seeing? Not that I want to mention just yet. I kind of want them to be a surprise. Really? Yeah. I'm more excited about the other people that are going to be there. I'm just making sure I had a list of everyone who's going be there. And I am a die hard day one fan of Mary J Blige. Come on, the queen. I mean as we all are. However, Diana Ross plays such an intricate part in my life. She She was probably one of my mum's favourite artistes of all time and I remember the whole Central Park performance she did in the rain like- Fabulous Everyday Yes Literally on my television screen. So I'm really really excited to see in person. Do you have a favourite Diana Ross song? Actually it's not one of hers like Songs off of Habit [UNKNOWN] it's when she does Home from the movie The Wiz. Yes! From The Wiz! Yes! All right. Well I'm also looking to that. I'm a huge, huge fan. But since we're gonna be in New Orleans, is there anything special that you were looking forward to doing while you're there? Well contrary to my diet that I constantly am on, I've always looking to eat at this event, that's one of the places I've only been there once. Most recently with the all star game and it was this restaurant that I wanted to go to that everyone was talking about and one my stylists there her family owns and I didnt get a chance to go get it. So I pretty much had that on my list of things so I'm going to go there and order one of everything off the menu. [LAUGH] There goes that diet. But you look great, so no need to worry about it. Thank you. [BLANK_AUDIO]

The last few years have been a non-stop ride of success for 2017 ESSENCE Festival performer Remy Ma on the professional front and now she has another accomplishment to add to her growing list.

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Remy’s exciting start to this year so far has seen her snag two Grammy nominations, drop a joint album with Fat Joe, return to reality TV to celebrate Black love with her husband Papoose, go to lyrical battle with nemesis Nicki Minaj and make history at Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert with past and present women in Hip Hop. Keeping the momentum going, she’s now snagged a 2017 BET Award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist. 

The rapstress took to the stage with words of celebration, encouragement and thanks to accept her well-deserved award. And of course, she couldn’t leave the stage without reminding the crowd of what she does best, spitting a quick verse that ended with, “And yeah that crown is coming back to the Bronx,” — an obvious message to Nicki and anyone else who considers her competition. 

Remy beat out Missy Elliot, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Young M.A. to take home the honor. Her win brings her total list of BET Awards to 4, including last year’s wins for  Best Track of The Year and Best Hip Hop Collaboration, for her hit single “All The Way Up.”

Be sure to grab your tickets to see Remy Ma light up the stage for the very first time, alongside more of the biggest names in music, at the 2017 ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans this July.

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