Think You Know Your R&B Divas? These Questions Might Leave You Stumped

How well do you know the iconic divas of R&B?

Sydney Scott Jul, 05, 2017

We tested ESSENCE Festival attendees on their R&B diva knowledge and the questions weren’t as easy as they seemed. 

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[MUSIC] Hey everybody. It's your favorite play cousin, Junior. Listen, I am at the Essense Music Festival, trying to find out, how much do the people really know about our R and B divas? It's R and B divas trivia, right here at Essense Music Festival. Yes it is. I bet you, they don't know as much as they think they know. I bet you that. What, or who, produced Mary J. Blige's first album, "What's the 411?" Really? P. Diddy. [SOUND] Take that. Take that. [LAUGH] Take that, take that. [LAUGH] She got it! Okay, so I found out that you all are really big Escape fans, right? Yes. That's divas. What was the name of their very first single? Off the Hook. That's the album. That's the album. Okay. Got the album. But what was the single? Just Kickin' It. I Do Crew do know! Just Kickin' It! Kick off your shoes and relax your feet Party on down with the SJVs just kicking.>> So y'all Solange fans right.>> Yes.>> Yes.>> Y'all know everything about Solange.>> Everything.>> Tell me what was the name of Solange's first album.>> [LAUGH] No don't try to do the little giggle.>> That I don't Don't know, you don't know. I think I recall. This was probably about 10 years ago. Okay come on. What's the name of the album? Is not an album. Circus. No. [SOUND] No, y'all don't know everything about Solange. The name of Solange's first album was Solo Star. Hello, Circus? If you asked what was her current album. Cuz we doing R and B trivia. You don't get to pick trivia. She want to pick trivia. So I get the word that you all are really big Jill Scott fans, right. So you all think you know Jill? You all know Jill, you know Jill? Yeah. The trivia question is, when did Jill want to take a long walk, at what time? [INAUDIBLE] Aah! [MUSIC] They did it.They nailed. My God.>> [LAUGH] Sorry BD but it's trivia. Why they had me asking people questions about they favorite artists. Of course you gonna know. Why in the world I wasting time. I'm hungry. I'm gonna to ESSENCE eats or something. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]