Meet The 'It' Girls Of South Africa

These eight pop culture divas are changing the face of South African art, fashion and entertainment.

South Africa is, without a doubt, a hub of art and culture that’s filled with Millennial leaders who know how to use social media to their advantage. 

For artists, actors, and fashionistas, the traditional trajectory of sharing their passion has been shaken up with platforms like Instagram that catapult them to star status. Across the country, there are many who stand out for their work, but to be a true “It” girl, you have to keep people talking. 

The following South African ladies have major followings and are also keeping us on our toes with their beautiful social media accounts. 

Tony Gum 
This 20-year-old beauty is also an aspiring photographer who blends natural elements with abstract images.

Lady Skollie
This bold and thought-provoking South African artist’s name reinvents a derogatory term for non-white people. 

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Nandi Dlepu 
This content creator knows how to bring people together as a co-founder of The Wknd Social parties and Fix’in Diaries, for those who enjoy bike riding and brunch.

Diana Opoti 
After years of being a fashion editor, this Kenyan maven living in Cape Town transitioned into retail as the founder of #100DaysofAfricanFashion project that challenged her to wear solely African designers for 100 days.

Thando Thabethe  
Known for her popular films, including Mrs. Right Guy, this 26-year-old actress also has a radio show and hosts major television events. 

Happy Sunday Folks ๐Ÿ’› | Braids & Nails by @candiandcosalon

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Tumi Mohale 
An avid traveler and entrepreneur, this social media star is constantly documenting her global adventures.

Boitumelo Thulo 
Acting and being a TV host aside, this beauty shares her fun workouts with fans on social media.

Nomzamo Mbatha 
Not only is this care-free lady an actress, she’s also scored major campaigns with Puma, Neutrogena and Audi.

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[MUSIC] So at Essence Festival Durban, not only do you get to fill your heart and your mind. But you also get to fill your belly. So I'm here with celebrity chef Sherwyn Weaich [SOUND] so excited to chat with him. We're gonna chat about a whole bunch of things. First of all, Let's talk about that dish you made. > >Which one? The Sunday quickie. Talk to me about the Sunday Quickie. What was in the Sunday Quickie? French bread. We take it and toss it in some eggs, vanilla extract, toss it off in the pan with brown butter, get the nutty flavor. Salt and cinnamon and sugar, and drizzle with a chocolate ganache. What are some local foods that are known in Durban, that Durban is known for rather? In the world in general. Everyone knows Durban for the [UNKNOWN]. We got that tied down right. I almost said a bad word. What were you going to say? We'll just bleep it out. ****. Okay we're definitely bleeping that out. [LAUGH] So tell me more about the bunny chow. It's memorable because it's unique to us as Durban. Durban has the second largest population of Indian people outside of India. In addition to that that came with all these spices. So my grandmother told me all about spices, and mixing spices so it literally is like a quarter loaf of bread, you make a hole in the middle. You put anything you want inside. So there's a lot of similarities they talk of Durban and New Orleans being sister cities. What similarities do you see between the flavors from New Orleans and Durban? Do you see any similarities? The spices. Now I'm black enough, my brother in law is also Jamaican. And you guys put all the [UNKNOWN]. And he made jerk chicken up on stage. You also make shrimp and grits. Ooh, I love shrimp and grits. [CROSSTALK] I love shrimp and grits, yes. But we call it [UNKNOWN] over here. And we normally serve with the traditional spicy [UNKNOWN]. But it's the same food but we [UNKNOWN] it differently. So So it's nice to pride on a barrier with the cultures and try new things. That's what the International Institute Festival is doing. Yeah. At the end of the day, it's all about put, bringing people together. You connect their music experiences. And you can start the conversation, breaking down those barriers. I love it, I love them. Guys, thank you so much for tuning in. We'll see you guys, hopefully, in New Orleans, right? Yeah in New Orleans next year, I'll work something out. You're gonna make it happen, right? I'll make it happen. There you go, loving see you guys. Thank you. [MUSIC]