Grab Your Tickets Now For The First-Ever ESSENCE Fest Celebrity Basketball Game Hosted By Master P!

The Hip Hop mogul and his Team Hope NOLA Foundation are teaming up with ESSENCE to raise scholarship funds for New Orleans youth.

Rachaell Davis May, 25, 2017

New Orleans Hip Hop icon Master P has much in store for the 2017 ESSENCE Festival. In addition to bringing a No Limit Reunion to the Superdome mainstage, ESSENCE is excited to announce that Master P and his Team Hope NOLA Foundation will also be hosting our first-ever Celebrity Basketball Game!

Set to take place on Thursday, June 29 at the Xavier University Convocation Center, the game will feature an all-star line up of entertainers, former pro athletes and other respected members of the New Orleans community. Keeping with the Team Hope NOLA mission, proceeds from the event will go towards a scholarship fund for New Orleans youth. Master P himself has long been a hometown public figure who has actively taken steps to provide opportunities for the youth in the NOLA community and he says his celebrity friends were glad to join the cause when he put out the call.

“I reached out to some of my colleagues and friends and told them what we are doing to help raise money for the children in New Orleans and the response has been overwhelming,” said Percy “Master P” Miller. “It is extremely important to be able to help the young people from my hometown – these children are challenged with so much. This is just my way of giving back and we can have some family fun doing it.”

In addition to Master P, celebrity players who will take part in the game include Trey Songz, Romeo Miller, Terrence J, Juvenille and more. Click HERE to see the full lineup of celebrity players and be sure to visit to get your tickets today!

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[MUSIC] The essence team Hope Nolan celebrity basketball game is the first me hosting this. Master P personally and my family and welcoming everybody all the celebrities to New Orleans. We got the whole family going in here and guess what Team hold Nolan. Team hold Nolan teaming up with Essence was just a beautiful thing. It's about our cultural, our people, our youth. It's about education. It's about inspiring the next generation. A lot of us that been through stuff, been through situations and is about overcoming that person. We started this in New Orleans. It's about helping at risk youth, but it's about helping kids in poverty go and chase their dreams and their goals. Everybody here that knows somebody that's dead or incarcerated, put your hand up. Our whole thing is to make a change through education to do better. And it only gonna start right here with you. Even though whatever conditions you're going in, still find some type of peace and happiness with yourself. Everybody here know what they wanna be in life? You all put your hands up, everybody that know what they wanna be in life. What about you? Engineer. Engineer. Give him a round of applause. [APPLAUSE] Education changed my life, saved my life. So I feel like if I can inspire and give that back to these kids And I'm just thankful that Essence partnered up with us to make this happen. This si going to be powerful for our culture and our people in knowing that we are not forgetting about the generation. And that's how we're going to build a generational oil making sure that these kids have safe haven, these kids have have the proper education. To go on with their lives to be doctors, lawyers, entertainers, professional athletes. I just want kids to know that, you know what, you can be good in sports, you can be good in music, you can be good in acting or whatever. But also have something to fall back on, which is your education. [UNKNOWN] [APPLAUSE] Yeah. I got shorty. Come on, man. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]