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Every Single Relationship Gem Mary J. Blige Dropped On Stage During ESSENCE Fest

Mary has a message for all of the women who've been scorned by a man.
Every Single Relationship Gem Mary J. Blige Dropped On Stage During ESSENCE Fest 2017
Bennett Raglin

Mary J. Blige’s bitter divorce battle may have been “hell” for her, but she wants women to know that she’s learned from all that she’s gone through.

While performing on the mainstage at the 2017 ESSENCE Festival, the singer dropped major relationship gems about enduring a breakup.

While singing one hit after another, including “Not Gon’ Cry,” “No More Drama” and her latest, “Thick Of It”, the 46-year-old used the mic to also share five things women should always remember when dealing with the ups and downs of love.

1. “Men, you can only have one queen, not two queens, not three queens. Just one queen.”

2. “There’s a lot of women out here that have their own money. They want to do for themselves but that don’t mean we don’t want you to do for us. Don’t get all weird just because we got our own stuff. If you the king, then be confident king. We got you, we love you.”

3. “It’s just not cool to be abusing women. It’s just not cool to be abusing anyone. It’s not cool, it’s not going to work. It’s whack.”

4. “For me ladies, I’m a little crazy–maybe a lot–I’m more selfish with my relationships and what will not [tolerate] is my man coming home and comparing me to Susie on the street. ‘You need to wear your hair like her. You need to cook more.’ Well, I ain’t been doing that so you need to go sit down oh, and by the way you looking over there? So anyway, don’t ever compare me to anybody because there is only one Mary J. Blige out here.”

5. Last but not least, “once we lose this with you, it’s over, the relationship is over.”

Bloop! Come through, Mary!