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What's up everyone? I'm Ashley. Hey, I'm Brianna. What's up y'all? I'm Crystal. I'm Gabby. What's up y'all. I'm Cheyenne and we are. June's Diary. What's up [UNKNOWN]. Surprisingly enough, when we first started singing together the harmony just happened. It was magic. That's the easy part. For us it's just Communicating, talking to one another, being real sisters. We all are very opinionated and have our opinions, but somehow some way it just works. And we get along, truly we get along people. Everybody, we get along. We want people to be like, Damn they're talented. They practiced. They're well rehearsed, and they're proud of what they do. My god, they're bringing R&B girl groups back. That's Just music and fun and unity and we want to make people feel something. Music is language, so if we could speak to you with music, then we've accomplished it all. Yeah. I guess that's the perfect answer. What do we want people to walk away with? We want you to feel something. Something. We want to pull on some heartstrings. Right. Even if you don't like it. Yeah. We want you to feel that. You felt it. [LAUGH] At the end of the day, we're here to perform and if we don't give our heart, our soul, our mind, our body, our spirit, then we've given nothing. So make sure when you get on that stage, you have fun, you're thinking about exactly what you came here to do and that's just to make people Feel good, so leave it right there. Once we got on Chase and Destiny, and being with those other ladies and going through the process and how everybody came together, how women came together, because a lot women don't do that anymore. Everybody feel like we gotta be against each other and it's competition and it's not even all of that. So when we did that, I was like yo, that's dope. We can really do this, we're stronger together than apart. I remember I was a senior in highschool, and I had just finished getting accepted into UC Berkeley. And I was at church, and I sing on the praise team at church. And I call it the Holy Ghost Never experienced that in my life, just an overwhelming spirit. And I looked around me and everybody was crowded around me. To see those faces and to realize it takes a village to raise a child, because I lost my mother when I was young. And the only thing that held me up was my family and my church So, that coacher, our traditions, our family, just our dynamic. It just made me feel so, so proud to be who I was because that's what got me to that point. My mom is from Africa and It's infamous that they carry things on their head, right? Which they totally can. One day my mom got home with like a huge vacuum in a box. Just carrying it on her head up the stairs, like la de da de da. And I was like, my mom is the most beautiful african woman in the world. Nobody can say that. It's just I was So amazed by that. And even looking back at her pictures back in Africa when she was a dancer and stuff like that, just seeing the tribal wear and all the statues that we have in our house. It just makes me really proud to be that and to be a part of that. I have all these people who have the same history as me and the same history as me. Me and we can come together and be unified in that and I have six younger sisters to look at and I want to be an example of a black woman who is successful for them to look up to so that they feel like they are beautiful and they feel like they can be successful and that's kind of what made me feel like that. I've always been able to experience Just I don't know how to explain it. I'm black, I've always been black. My momma ain't never told me no different. She ain't never said, you're mixed, or you're that. I'm black, and I've just always loved being me and loved being a black woman. And you know, music was also a part of Me being proud to be a black woman. I've always loved black music just all around especially women. We wouldn't be able to be here without an En Vogue, or a Destiny's Child, or you know The Supreme's, or any of the girl groups from back in the day. And we really just learned from them. We are five totally different women so just from that, we're a different group. But we're not ashamed of the comparison and we're not ashamed to come after them, we just are who we are. We're June's Diary. Right Right. And we love being a girl group, we love being a part of that category. We will say we are Black Girl Magic. Yay. We got all the shades and colors, the [UNKNOWN], all of it.

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We caught up with the inspiring R&B starlets of June’s Diary to talk all things Black Girl Magic, unity among women in music and much more just before they hit the Coca-Cola Hot Right Now Superlounge stage at ESSENCE Festival 2017!