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Hallelujah. I am so glad not be here. I'm glad to be alive. One year ago today. While you were waiting for me, I was laying on a surgical table, hallelujah. [MUSIC] I tell you, you don't know from one day to the next. [MUSIC] It's not promised. [MUSIC] So you got to make the most of every day. And if you make it through a day, instead of complaining, you just got to say Hallelujah. I say Hallelujah because I've been hurt. I've been abused I've been lonely. I've been sad. But I've learned not to focus on that because I've also been loved. I've being loved right now. You loving me. Me loving you. God loving us is stronger than anything in the world. I say hallelujah. I say hallelujah, because I'm happy when I wake up every day. Yeah, I got a little cellulite, yeah, I need a underwire but baby, hey, I can work with what I got. I say hallelujah, cause I got a spiritual code of conduct, I say hallelujah because I know who I am and I feel good about it. I say hallelujah. Because no matter where I am, and what I feel, I can also get me a good piece of chocolate, hallelujah! [APPLAUSE]

Iyanla Vanzant On Why The Word 'Hallelujah' Is An Essential Part Of Her Vocabulary

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