‘Insecure’ Fans Will Learn More About Issa’s Family Next Season
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Full disclosure: We’ve seen the first episode of Insecure‘s second season and… it’s everything you’ve been waiting patiently for and more. Without dropping any spoilers, the writers behind the hit HBO show continue to capture real life in the most poetically accurate way.

During ESSENCE Fest 2017 we sat down with the cast and producers to watch the episode and talk about what else can be expected— again, without spoiling anything.

“We’re introducing a lot of new characters this season that still felt within the world,” the show’s creator, Issa Rae said. “You’re going to see some new faces and just the great thing about Season 2 is that you know who the characters are already and now you’re just exploring their worlds a bit more intricately. And that’s what we’re happy to do this season.”

In terms of the characters figuring themselves out, there’s been talk about learning more about Lawrence (Jay Ellis) and delving into the ladies in Issa’s gal-pal clique.

“Season 2 is really just about these characters figuring out who they kinda don’t want to be. You know? At the end of Season 1, everything’s been sort of turned upside down for everyone. I think every character has a realization of, ‘Woo! I was this person and I don’t want to be like this and what can I do to not be this particular person? How can I go against being that, so that the same things don’t happen to me again?'”

Adding, “So, that’s the journey that we’re following without giving away too much.”

We cannot wait.