Happy Birthday Diana Ross! Rhonda Ross Celebrates Her Mom's Bday With A Little Known Fact [WATCH]

Happy Birthday to 2017 ESSENCE Festival headliner Ms. Ross, The Boss!

Rachaell Davis Mar, 26, 2017

Today, 2017 ESSENCE Festival performer Diana Ross is celebrating celebrating 73 years of life.

One of the most legendary entertainers of our time, Diana hasn’t missed a beat since she stepped on the scene and is still wowing audiences today. Not only is Ms. Ross, The Boss set to headline this year’s ESSENCE Festival, but her daughter Rhonda Ross will also be gracing the main stage to deliver a show-stopping performance of her own.

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We recently caught up with Rhonda to chat about her upcoming performance at ESSENCE Festival and she shared a little known fact about her mom in honor of her big day. Check out what she had to say above and then be sure to grab your tickets to see this talented mother-daughter duo light up the stage in New Orleans this July.

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[MUSIC] So a little known fact about my mother is that she would prefer to be with her family her five children more than anything else in the world. And all her birthdays were no exception. That's exactly where she wants to be with family. [MUSIC] [AUDIBLE] And we know that so we always try to be her if we can be. So, a couple of years ago my son and I had decided that we will gonna surprise her. So we told her that we couldn't make it. We were so sorry and we really want to spend the day with her but we were just too busy (laughing). And we booked the fight, got there about 9 o'clock at night Park the car in and went out the front door. I call her and I said, I had something delivered to you. They said he left it at the front door. No I don't think so. I don't think I can get past the security. I said no, they definitely said they left it at the front door. Well I'm not going to go out there. I said I think you should go check. And when she opened the door. He's now seven, my little boy said, surprise! And scared her half to death. [LAUGH] But she loved it, so I love that memory. And this year we will be spending it with her again. I just wanna say, I love you, happy birthday. You have been the most incredible mother To your five children, and we love you and we thank you, and we want you to have an amazing day and many, many more. Make sure to catch me and my mother at Essence Fest this summer. See you then. [MUSIC]