<p>Here's A Breakdown Of Everything You Get With Your Exclusive ESSENCE Festival Ticket Package</p>

Wondering why you should grab your ESSENCE Fest ticket package sooner than later? We've got you covered!


Wondering exactly why you should take advantage of the 2018 ESSENCE Festival advanced ticket package offer sooner than later?

Well, wonder no more!

In addition to a 3 nights of amazing performances from some of the biggest names in music on the ESSENCE Festival mainstage in the Superdome, your ticket also grants you access to all 4 of our superlounge stages at no additional cost!

Also located within the Superdome, each of superlounges will feature individual performances from 2-4 different artists in an intimate setting that allows ticket holders the chance to get up close and personal with their faves each night. 

Plus, there will be plenty of surprise appearances from your favorite celebs, who will be on hand to keep the party going in between performances, as well as plenty of giveaways from our sponsors.

Be sure to grab your limited advanced ticket package today before they’re gone!