This #EssenceFest 'Fake News' Segment With Roy Wood Jr. Is The Funniest Thing You'll See All Month

Watch 2017 ESSENCE Festival host Roy Wood Jr. go head to head with the experts about which night at the Superdome will be the most lit.

Rachaell Davis Jun, 20, 2017

This year’s 2017 ESSENCE Festival concert lineup is so star-studded that it’s hard to choose a favorite night!

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From the queen Diana Ross making her ESSENCE Fest debut on Friday night, to Mary J. Blige’s “Strength of a Woman” evening featuring some of the most talented women in music on Saturday, to the XSCAPE comeback performance the world is waiting to see, Master P’s No Limit Reunion and Chance The Rapper all on Sunday, it’s anyone’s guess which night will take the cake!

Watch above as ‘The Daily Show’ correspondent and ESSENCE Fest Superdome host Roy Wood Jr. battles it out with a few fabulous ladies about which night of musical magic will be the absolute best and then be sure to grab your ESSENCE Festival tickets today!

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Welcome back. Now as we all know, ESSENCE Best is coming, but which night will be the best? Sunday! The. Sunday is the answer, Sunday night. But was she talking to you though? It don't matter, I know the answer, I buzz in. [SOUND] To help us better answer this question, I'm joined by an all-star panel. He is the celebrity chef and the man who invented cheese grits, Sir Gerald Turner III. Happy to be here at your pleasure. And these two ladies are professors from the Black Folk Institute. Claudeen Sheppard, and Melissa Oliver. [CROSSTALK] It's Ph.D. That's Doctor Melissa, Ph.D. Don't nobody care about that piece of paper. Y'all ain't even got a marching band. [UNKNOWN] let's start with you. Which night of Essence's Best will be the most exciting? Well, I actually think- Xscape Reunion is coming up on Sunday. Xscape Reunion. I was talking, thank you. Okay, we got you. Well, Saturday is ladies' night at Essence festival. So much black girl magic. You've got Jill Scott, Monica, Mary J- Can I just- Blige. Say something for a second right here? Can I just say- No, you can't because I was actually still talking. Diana Taylor. Michel'le. Remy Ma. Saturday night lineup, girl. Yes, I'm with you on that, but Friday night we have to acknowledge that we had the original Diva. I'm talking about Ms. Diana, ease on down the road, Ross. And of course John Legend and Dougie Fresh on that night as well. Exactly. Friday at Essence Fest is gong to set the tone. And Kelly Price is going to be there. Sunday! Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Women gonna talk about Sunday. Sunday night will be the best night of Essence. Who are you yelling at? Why you yelling? I'm sorry about my voice. All right, look, all I'm saying is, Sunday night you got this [INAUDIBLE]. You got Chance the Rapper. You got Solange, and then you got- Saturday gonna be just as hype as Sunday. Exactly. Excuse me, did I interrupt you while you were talking? If Saturday night's so good, why did Xscape choose Sunday to perform? The same reason why you chose that show. Look, I don't know why they chose. Plus, the other thing is you have to look- He gonna make them say. He gonna make them say, uhhhh. Nananana. I bet you Mary J. Blige staying in town an extra day just to see Master P's show. I hope you leave early. I'm gonna be backstage. Well one thing we can all agree on is essence festival 2017 will be one to remember, with the median Roy Wood junior hosting our main stage Get your tickets at Look y'all can say whatever y'all wanna bout me, but I'm the only person right now that's gonna be backstage at Essence Fest. I know Chance the Rapper, he owe me $20. [CROSSTALK] You don't know who I know. I know my daddy, I met him twice. No you ain't That hurt, [UNKNOWN] that's okay. Just. He had to bring up my day. I know, that one hurt, that's fine, I'm glad I heard them. I'm glad I heard them. He needed them, Cuz that's gonna pull him back and [CROSSTALK]. I'm sure crying. I'm still here. [LAUGH] Okay? So don't talk about me while I like I'm not here. [CROSSTALK] Daddy [MUSIC] I'm sorry. We done. You all done leave me, it killed me. I'm serious. [LAUGH] You all done leave me.