Flashback Friday: Monica, Rhonda Ross & More Share Lessons Learned From Their Mothers

Rachaell Davis May, 14, 2017

A mother’s love is truly unlike any other and the lessons we learned from the women who brought us into this world are cherished throughout our lives. As we continue to celebrate all of the amazing moms today and everyday, here’s a look at 2017 ESSENCE Festival performers Monica, Rhonda Ross and Emily Estefan sharing some of the unforgettable gems they’ve received from their own mothers.

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[MUSIC] My mom Marilyn Best is a real amazing woman because I think that she lives what she speaks. A lot of times when you meet people they can tell you what you should do but they can't do it themselves. I think the reason that I've been able to Come full circle in my life no matter what mistakes I made. No matter what I've done, my mother's never left my side. She's never condoned anything that wasn't of the good. I mean she taught me about the word, she taught me about right and wrong and that moral compass has helped me to be a better person. But to also be a great mother like her. I aspire to be like her. I never had to look outside the house for great examples, and I know that we as artists often times hold a big responsibility of being role models, but I was very fortunate that I didn't have to look outside of the house. My mom would live everything she spoke. She walked with patience and she exercised her faith in difficult times. And she always remained honest with me. And she also let me know that, you won't do everything perfect but God didn't choose you to be their mom for no reason. And she's helped me to really lead by example because of the example that she set for me. My mom is the reason that I am the person That I am. I am Emily Stephan, and I am here to deliver some wise words that I have learned from my mother. Something that she always says to me that I think about everyday when I wake up is you can't fake real. So be yourself and own it. You can't be anything else in life. Thank you Mom for that. Happy Mother's Day and see everybody at Essence Feast. Whoa! A word of advise that my mother always gave to her five children was to follow our bliss. To figure out what we love to do. What we would do for free and make that the way we made our livelihoods. If you do that, you never need to retire. Your life is always good. You'll always wake up excited for the day and that's how she is. She is thriving and loving being on that stage after 50 plus years of doing it. And that's what she passed on to me and her other four children and that's what I want to pass on to my son. Find out what you love. And jump in it. And do it all the way. Happy mother's day, mom. I love you. Thank you for everything. Make sure to catch me and my mother at Essence Fest this summer. See you then! [MUSIC]