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We've been doing this all weekend, make some more noise guys, this is the last day at Essence, we're gonna have a good time. Bad girls workout too. [APPLAUSE] We about to have a good time for a minute. [MUSIC] Well what you will see is forgiveness, four women who matured. Who gone through the storm but learned that love conquers all. Just wanna say to the fans that I really appreciate the love that you guys have shown us. We knew we had fans but I feel like now it's 10 times as many as we did back then. Let's show Dr. Eustace some love. [MUSIC] Well, I love coming to Essence. It's just a reminder of how beautiful we are. Cause they say separation brings on appreciation and now, we come together as sisters and it feels really good y'all. Now, just being mothers and wives, we feel like that's success in it's own right.

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