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We are glad to have everybody out here, the 2017 Essence Festival. I'm pretty sure you have the most magical womb on earth. It has been the most blissful time in my life. My husband is extremely supportive. He just happened for me in a way I'd never expected it too. So I had to be god. [MUSIC] What's [LAUGH] The size of your problem is sometimes indicative of the magnitude of your destiny. I'm bigger then one day that you'd have watched me because I've been living over 40 years. Natural hair is not corporate, correct? Let me tell you my thought. Hi audience how are you there, I love it. Who the hell said natural can't be corporate. The american wide library is secondary, I am a human being at first, I suffers just like everybody else. You might think that these people on a stage had a lot of power You actually had a form of power we do.