Behind The Scenes With Yuna

Yuna talks about her favorite foods, being accepted in the States and more at ESSENCE Festival 2017!

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 06, 2017
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I've been to New Orleans a couple of times before. The food, I think, I mean, I don't eat a lot of stuff. For example, I don't eat alligators [LAUGH] or pork but I love like the shrimp gumbo. I think it's amazing. It's very different form what I'm used to. Like I'm Malaysian, so I grew up eating kinda just like rice, and simple things. But this is all just kinda like very rich flavor, and poboys and all that. It's pretty interesting. If my musical style is a food, wow, I don't know. It would be some type of dessert. Yeah, some type of dessert. Ice cream, melted chocolate, [BLANK_AUDIO] I don't know. Something along those lines. Like maybe vanilla ice cream. You know what? Cinnamon ice cream with chocolate on top of it, yeah. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] I mean, I've been doing music for a long time, but I still feel like I'm new to the industry. So I just want people to kind of get to know me a little bit better than just like, okay I bought your album, I've heard you, I've seen your videos and It's a different thing when you're at my show, you get to know my personality a little bit. I'm very shy so they're gonna find about that. [MUSIC] I'm come from [UNKNOWN] most people don't know what that is, like, where is that? But because of now, people are more open to new things, I'm able to do what I do. And this is the new generation that's coming in now. Like you can be, you can come from any background, like Any part of the world and you can still be able to be yourself and do music. [MUSIC]