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Hello I'm Maxine Waters. I'm a member of Congress representing the 43rd Congressional District in the greater Los Angeles area. Let me just say that I have been adopted by the millennials in this country. And I am honored. I am so pleased to see the involvement and the engagement of all of these millennials. And they have helped to teach me a new language. And we're talking about shade. We're talking about receipts. We're talking about serving a little tea. And of course, it's all about staying woke. I'd like to share with you ways that you can help resist this president. And Help lead him to impeachment. As you know no one expected that this man to be elected president. And now that he's president he certainly has defined himself. I think he's dangerous. I want everybody. To get on the Internet, let's use social media to help educate people and to help the elected officials know and understand that this country cannot tolerate Donald Trump. In addition to that, attend rallies, show up. Whether they're talking about the fact that he has not shown his tax returns, or whether not that They are rallying because of the way that he's trying to undo Obama care. Whether or not you're rallying because of the kind of people that he's put in his Cabinet. Like Jeff Session, who's a racist. Get involved. It's so very important that you now and understand That he does not deserve to be president, and the Congress of the United States must make the decision to impeach him. Really, there's enough evidence now, knowing that he obstructed justice, knowing that he colluded with the Russians to undermine our democracy. and really, if this Congress had the courage of its convictions, it would go ahead and initiate impeachment but we've got to make believers of them. We've got to push them, we've got to make sure they understand the majority citizens of this country would not him to remain in the Presidency. He doesn't deserve it and our country deserves better.

Maxine Waters Talks Shade, Receipts And Serving A Little Tea

The California Congresswoman addresses her growing popularity among millennials and her continued resistance in a Donald Trump presidency.