Are You Woke? Angela Rye, Luvvie Ajaye, April Reign and April Ryan Talk About The Real Meaning Of The Word

ESSENCE cover stars Angela Rye and April Reign talk what it means to be woke. "It's not a new concept, we just started calling it something new."

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 01, 2017
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To me staying woke means making sure that you're tuned into your community. That you are doing everything that you can to not only educate yourself but to bring someone else along. To ensure that we all have the same information. It's not enough to be woke on your own you need to help someone else along to also get woke. Woke is about a state of mind. It is not a new concept, we just started calling it something new because that is what black folks do. W. E. B. Dubois said it best it is about a double consciousness but it is consciousness most of all, and I think that is what it is really about. It is about applying that consciousness to real action. I grew up With a mother and father who always taught me, [APPLAUSE] That's right. Who always taught me to understand that I was a black woman in this nation. To understand my position as what they think I should be, and what I could be. And knowing that, Understanding what I was taught. I also understood that was for everyone. But in these last couple of months, we've seen more challenges, and I think it's more incumbent upon us as media to make sure that those who listen, read, or watch us That they know the stakes are high. And that they are affected. And that they are a part of the equation.>> The idea of woke. I think people start giving themselves way too much credit. Because in that moment they're like, Well I'm a good person. I'm woke. Because I happen to finally understand that privilege is a thing. Right. And then their actions didn't lead to it. So I kind of want to pull that word back to be like, no, no, no, no, and reclaim it to be like, no, you all can't use it. [LAUGH] Because it's clear, numbers tell us that all these woke people aren't really woke because if woke means doing the things that make sense, that shows that you love black people, that shows that you find the humanity in people, you want to protect it? You all ain't been woke. Yeah.