VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: Meet Sidney Carter of Sidney’s Creations
Sidney Carter

ESSENCE Festival 2016 is fast approaching. Over 500,000 people will flood New Orleans for the ESSENCE Festival takeover that includes everything from day parties to concerts to empowerment. We’re also showing love to our vendors — like artist Sidney Carter. 

Carter has been a professional painter for over two decades. Based in Powder Springs, Georgia, Carter owns a Fine Art Gallery which houses his paintings that cover genres such as cubism, abstract and still life. Carter is an ESSENCE Festival regular. Read his story below! 

How many times have you been to Essence Fest?  

What should crowds expect? 
After the intriguing excitement of seeing my new creations, the crowd can expect lots of excitement, clean and honest fun, being able to see lots of celebrities in one place, and a fun-filled weekend with an abundance of great music and entertainment.

Describe ESSENCE Fest in one word.  

Tell us about how your business started.  
My business started as a gift from God. My dream was to be blessed with making a living off of my dream.

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How do you prepare for the 4th of July Holiday weekend excitement?  
By working long days and nights prior to the festival to create as many original paintings as I possibly can.

Please describe your artistic technique and process for creating the work that will be on exhibit in The Shops at ESSENCE.  

My technique includes using acrylic paint, brush and palette knife on canvas. My art genres and style includes musical art, abstracts, cubism, still life, family/heritage and many other creative paintings. To me, art is in everything you do. My compositions savor heritage, family life and the human spirit. My subjects are a testament that love is alive. There is a rich rhythm in everyday life. Whether realism or abstraction, I want my paintings to emanate that rhythm. I want my compositions to explode with brilliant color and form. I try to offer themes that speak to a diverse group of people, and my goal is to delight and inspire. My paintings evoke emotions for the mother, wife, father, couple, business executive, even the romantic junkie. I mentor emerging artists.

Artist Statement
My talent is a gift, and through God my work is created. I would like to thank my family and friends for all their belief and support in me over the last 26 years.  

How do fans keep up with you until July? 
Website:, Email: and Facebook.

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