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Most Memorable Throwbacks from ‘The Tyra Banks Show’

ESSENCE Festival speaker, Tyra Banks, had hilarious memorable moments on The Tyra Banks Show.
Most Memorable Throwbacks from ‘The Tyra Banks Show’
AP Photo/Peter Kramer

Tyra Banks had an incredible five year run for The Tyra Banks Show that aired from 2005 to 2010. There were epic moments we’ll never forget — like when she had comedian Chris Rock on the show to help women reveal their natural hair to their loved ones. And of course there’s the iconic moment Banks told the media to “kiss my fat ass!”

Banks, 42, will hit the ESSENCE Empowerment Experience stage at this year’s ESSENCE Fest in New Orleans where she’s sure to bring some powerful words on being a boss. But until then, we’re throwing it back to unforgettable moments that you would only see on The Tyra Banks Show.

“Kiss My Fat Ass!”

The supermodel turned mogul was fed up. Media fat-shamed her after a photo of her in a swimsuit went viral. Banks took on the media for all the women who don’t fit the narrow confines of America’s size standards. The result? A tearful “kiss my fat ass!” complete with a smack on her butt while her other arm was lifted in the air. Let ‘em know, Tyra!

Was that shade?

Tyra is a huge fan of Beyoncé. She has publicly fawned over her, and Bey was a guest on the show at least three times. But Tyra was really perplexed about people saying the two look alike. “I don’t think we look alike at all. I don’t get it. I mean, you cute, but I don’t think we look alike.” Even Queen Bey was aghast by the shade. She heartily laughed with her mouth wide open in shock. Skip to the 13:09 mark to catch the moment.

Tyra Banks vs. Naomi Campbell

These two beauties feuded for over a decade in part because the media pitted two successful black models against one another. Tyra invited the legendary supermodel on the show to hash out all the “pain and tears” she felt Naomi had caused her. In a one-on-one conversation, the two finally had their real moment. Even though their perspectives on what really happened differ at times, it’s still one of Tyra’s most memorable interviews.

Bad girls are no match for Tyra.

Tanisha Thomas of the once popular Bad Girls Club was not here for her co-star Cordelia Carlisle’s apology. In an effort to help the women with their bad girl habits, Tyra asked Tanisha to apologize to Cordelia. Tyra couldn’t stay quiet during Tanisha’s non-apology. “Tanisha, that’s an apology with an attitude and you know it…You have a problem, Tanisha.” Tyra wasn’t here for it.

A five-minute beat face.

A full-face of makeup in five minutes sounds impossible. Even the bare minimum of mascara and lip gloss takes at least that. Tyra showed the audience (and everyone watching from home) how to do their makeup in five minutes — brows, concealer, foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lips, the whole nine. And who knew you could wet a sponge before blending your foundation and it gives a more supple, glowy look? Tyra taught us.

Patti Labelle puts a woman in check.

Don’t try Ms. Patti Labelle, darling. This is what good TV is made of. Tyra had very little to do with it other than it happening on her show, and for that we’ll forever be grateful because this clip will never get old and never not be relevant.

Janet Jackson curses!

Janet Jackson is always graceful, poised and elegant. There’s rarely been any crazy headlines of Janet wilding out. Tyra has that thing where she brings out the fun, wacky side of celebs that they usually reserve for friends and family. Tyra got thee Janet Jackson to tell the world that one of her nicknames is Booty on national TV! The pop icon also said the word “bitch” and said “kiss my black…”


A broken-toed Rihanna.

Imagine Rihanna appearing on daytime TV with a broken toe in 2016. It would never happen. It went down on The Tyra Banks Show though. Not only did she come on the show looking fly with her cane to assist, Tyra gifted her with bedazzled crutches then made her walk the Tyra runway.

Kill that noise about “good hair”

There’s no Emmy award for being trill, but Tyra may be the only daytime talk show host to ever rock cornrows on air. In the “Good Hair” segment, she told a mom that putting a relaxer in a three-year-old’s hair was not mentally or physically healthy. And she politely told a white mom of a biracial daughter that she seemed to love black culture but didn’t want her daughter to rock black hair in its natural state. Bloop!

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