Keke Wyatt Tells Us The R&B Diva Most Likely To…
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Keke Wyatt is flying high from her fourth album, Rated Love. Wyatt loves love. It is from that place that she sings. We had a chance to talk to the R&B crooner and reality star about music, her marriage, being a mom to eight children and how she maintains it all (stay tuned!) 

In the meantime, her answers to our The R&B Diva Most Likely To… questions are hilarious. R&B Divas: Atlanta gave us a glimpse of her funny side. In that vein, we wondered which of her singer-reality star co-stars would be the most likely to…well, you’ll see. We can’t wait to hear Wyatt perform for The Clark Sisters tribute at ESSENCE Festival this year. In the meantime, let’s have some fun! 

R&B diva most likely to tell another singer they’re not in the right key?
Oooh, Lord Jesus. I’d have to say Angie [Stone]. And I love Angie. That is my homie.We still talk on the daily. She’s just real like that. Somebody’s off key? Honey, she’s going to look at you and say, “Uh, huh.” And mean it and don’t care if you get mad.

R&B diva most likely to bring her own wind-blowing fan for performances?
Syleena Johnson all day. 

R&B diva most likely to have outrageous tour rider requests?
That’s Syleena again because she is the biggest diva I’ve ever met in my life. I love her to death, but when she get in that mood I be like, ‘Ok, girl. I’ll be over here. I’ll see you later. Later gator.’

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R&B diva most likely to be a cougar?
Faith [Evans] hands down. Faith, honeeeeey. Faith. She is gon’ kill me. I’mma have to call her when I get off the phone to tell her. 

R&B diva most likely to spazz if her food isn’t right?
Keke Wyatt. Honey, one thing I cannot…you can ask [my husband] Michael Jamar. When I tell you if my food ain’t right? Honey, everybody gon’ have a grave dug out for them six feet under and a stone to go above they head. I hate when my food is wrong, especially when I’m hungry ‘cause my sugar gets low. Girl, they be looking at me like, ‘Girl, you need a Snickers.’ I don’t play that. I hate that. Definitely would be me. 

R&B diva most likely to date a rapper?
To date a rapper? I don’t know. I mean Faith was already married to one, her baby daddy — Biggie. Maybe Chrisette Michele. No. Nah, Lil’ Mo. Although she’s with a boxer now. He’s pretty cool, but I could see her, if she wasn’t with him, dating a rapper. 

R&B diva most likely to film a sexy video for their man to a Beyoncé song?
Oh, Lord. Me. [Laughs] Me, girl. That is funny. Honey, I gets down with the get down. Ok? I am a home wife, ok. The word ho is in home. Move that M — HOE. Then the M is the mmmm. Only at home, only at home. I’m a lady in the street and a wifey in the sheets. I’m a hoe in the sheets, yeah. [Sings]. Let me stop. Girl, I’m serious. [Laughs]

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