Johnny Gill Tells Which New Edition Member Is Most Likely To…
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After scoring his first No. 1 R&B hit in 20 years—”This One’s for Me and You” featuring New Edition—Johnny Gill is basking in the moment. Before he and his bandmates return to ESSENCE Festival, held June 30-July 3 in New Orleans, he played along with a fun little game we like to call “The New Edition Member Most Likely To…” His answers were both surprising and hilarious.

Johnny Gill Dishes on His Comeback Hit, the New Edition Biopic and Playing ESSENCE Festival

Who is the New Edition member most likely to jump the turnstile in the NYC subway back in the day?

Hands down Bobby [Brown]. Hands down. 
Who is most likely to be outside with a boombox trying to win back his girl?

I would say that would probably be Ronnie [DeVoe]. He’s always been the easygoing cat that’s kind of like, you know, mild-mannered. I believe he would own up, first of all, to whatever it is. He would be that guy that would do that out of all of us. 

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Who is most likely to cry over a sad movie? 
Shoot, I couldn’t see none of us on that one! We’d be over here looking at each other, “N—a, what’s wrong with you?” [Laughs]

Who is most likely to miss a step during “Mr. Telephone Man”?
Probably me or Mike [Bivins]. The rest of them always got it. Me or Mike could go either way. [Laughs]

Who is most likely to clap back to a rude fan on social media?
Yours truly, Johnny Gill. It ain’t no most likely, I’ve done it. And they all go, “Oh my God, is that him?” Every once in a blue moon somebody might say something a little twisted. I’m the holier-than-thou guy who wants nothing but peace and [to] talk about love. But I’m also the guy that will punch you straight in the mouth, or I’ll hurt your feelings. I have no guard or filter on my mouth once you step across the lines. I’m from D.C. I can hit you from all different angles.
Who is most likely to go skinny-dipping? 

I’d give that to Rick [Bell]. I think Rick might try that one. 
Who is most likely to have the wildest groupie tales?

I’d have to probably say Ralph [Tresvant]. It’d probably be between Ralph and Bobby. 

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