Secrets of Slayage: ESSENCE Festival Artist Keke Wyatt Shares Her Beauty Must-Haves
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The time for ESSENCE Festival is near! We’re taking over New Orleans from June 30-July 3 with a star-studded lineup of artists and speakers. Keke Wyatt will perform in an exciting Clark Sisters tribute. We asked the powerhouse singer what her beauty and healthcare essentials are for the ultimate slayage.

1. Tamika Gibson wig. “When I tell you, honey, her Instagram is the hair diagram. Don’t sleep. That’s one of my must-haves.” 

2. Baby Wipes by Up & Up from Target. “The pink package. For my face. I wash my face. I have not one bump on my face. I use baby wipes and then I use baby lotion. It’s the Vanilla & Oatmeal baby lotion for my face. That’s my favorite face duo that I have to have.”

3. I love my Revlon lip stain. “I have to have that every single day. It’s like a pen looking thing. On one end it has a chapstick thing. It’s called Just Bitten by Revlon. It’s a lip stain balm.”

4. I love that Body from Burberry. “And I use this baby oil that I get from the beauty supply. It’s called baby powder oil. I use that every day. When I walk in the room the first thing out of people’s mouths is, ‘I smell baby powder or baby oil or something.’ It’s me.” 

5. Mag 07. “Honey. You want to clear that belly out? And all mothers know when you have babies for some reason everything up in there stays in there. You want to get it out? Mag 07. Where you can get them is on Instagram at @infinity_health. And I mean, it works. My husband uses it every other day. It’ll keep you healthy. And you can lose weight from it if you use it right. I usually take like three and I’m good. Because I travel a lot and you want to stay regular. That will definitely help you stay regular.”


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