What Happens When You Pull a Super Fan on Stage? Kendrick Lamar Just Found Out
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For artists, the greatest part about going on tour is the chance to see and interact with the fans who made them a success.

For Compton native and 2015 ESSENCE FEST performer Kendrick Lamar, the reason why he makes music is for his legions of fans.  While he has certainly proved himself to be a success, his songs are less for the radio and more for the people. Due to the lack of substance in most of today’s music, once the world heard Kendrick, it was hard to turn back.

All summer long, Kendrick will meet his fans at various stops across the country. Of course, his most amazing performance will be at ESSENCE FEST, but before he joins us in New Orleans in July, he stopped in Maryland to perform for fans there. During his performance, he gave fans the chance to come join him onstage.

One fan named Ayanna gave fans a show no one, not even Kendrick, was expecting to see. Watch the performance, below.

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