#WEW: Meet Shirley Strawberry, Our Real Life On-Air Superwoman
Shirley Strawberry Management

You know Shirley Strawberry as the co-host of one of the most successful, nationally syndicated programs in the nation, “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.” Since 2000, the Chicago native has worked tirelessly to become one of the best voices in radio, and has shaped the lives of the show’s eight million listeners with blunt advice on her popular segment, “The Strawberry Letter.”  In fact, this portion of the show became so popular, she penned a book in 2012 for listeners who wanted advice they could carry with them everyday entitled, “The Strawberry Letter: Real Talk, Real Advice, Because Bitterness Ain’t Sexy.”

This year, we are happy to have the mom, new wife and radio personality with us to host our highly anticipated ‘State of the Black Community’ panel on July 4th, during our ESSENCE EMPOWERMENT Experience in New Orleans. With her candid but loving perspective, and familiarity with the very inner cities affected by today’s social issues, we knew she was the right fit for this portion of the event.

Though Shirley Strawberry works hard and is always busy, she remains humble by continuing to mentor and pull others up along the way. When she’s not sharing her expertise advice on air, which she shares from personal life experiences she learned during her Chicago single parent household inner city upbringing, she reaches back to young girls who hope to be in her shoes one day. Before she began working for broadcast media superwoman, Cathy Hughes, she worked in local markets and earned her position next to one of the biggest names in today’s media, Steve Harvey.  She knows what it takes to be a star and she isn’t afraid to share her knowledge.

For her commitment to shape and mold the personal and professional lives of others, while bringing love and light to the world of entertainment media every single morning, Shirley Strawberry is our #WEW pick.

Watch her in action, being interviewed by one of her mentees, Candi Daniels.

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