#WEW: Erica Ford Works to Bring Peace to the Communities Who Need It Most
Erica Ford PR

Erica Ford is a vessel of peace and an example of what a true role model is. Since the age of 18, the Queens native has founded organizations and initiatives to combat violence within the youth of her beloved New York. Growing up in the violent streets of her neighborhood taught the natural leader about loss in every way possible. Her biography tells of slain friends, lonely mothers and a girl who knew that if she stayed silent, she could lose everyone she knew. So, she did something about it by founding the Black Consciousness Youth Movement in the early 90s.

Now, the Peace Is A Lifestyle founder has headed countless initiatives and touched thousands of lives by working with the world’s most influential leaders to bring awareness to problems plaguing our communities. At a young age, she realized the importance of the voice the message was coming from, knowing her friends and peers would not listen to just anybody, she’s worked with Tupac Shakur, Ja Rule, President Obama and Deepak Chopra to enlighten the people who need peace the most—the youth of our inner cities.

“This is not a job, this is my LIFE,” Ford says of her call to service. “My undying love keeps me committed to my people until my glory day takes me away.” As we all know, Ford’s mission is more relevant than ever these days. Still, after 30 years, her mission is only just beginning. We are honored to have her speak at #EssenceFest 2015 with spiritual guru and her partner, Deepak Chopra at the ESSENCE Empowerment Experience.

For striving to create a world where we all can live in peace, Erica Ford is our #WomanEmpowermentWednesday pick.

Keep up with Erica by supporting her various initiatives on her website, PeaceisaLifestyle.com.

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