Vendor Spotlight: Meet Charlie Bibbs, the Talented Artist of Bibbs Art
Charlie Bibbs

The Shops at ESSENCE, our festival’s premiere shopping destination, provides an outlet for talented artists to share their creations with the world.  Many return year after year because with over 550,000 attendees, ESSENCE Fest is often their most successful place of business.  

This year, we want to highlight some of our most popular artists to ensure you do not miss them when you arrive in The Big Easy.  This week, we will introduce you to talented artist, Charlie Bibbs.

Artists Charlie Bibbs, of Bibbs Art, will be on the grounds at ESSENCE Fest 2015.

ESSENCE: How many times have you been to ESSENCE Fest?

I have participated as an art vendor artist 8 times and created the ESSENCE Festival Commemorative Poster art in 2004.

ESSENCE: Tell us about how your business started.

I started my business in 1985; inspired to create artwork and make my work accessible and affordable for people and art collectors of all demographics. My goal is to reach as many people as possible with my work.

ESSENCE: Why is it important for your business to be on display at the nation’s largest live event?

Participating in the ESSENCE Festival is a great opportunity to expose my work to a large diverse audience. To communicate my work with the audience is always an uplifting experience for me.

ESSENCE: What is the quote or mantra that fuels your work?

Be New and Innovative.

ESSENCE: Describe your work process. How do you create these beautiful pieces of art?

My work displays a unique, strong and stylized quality done in a combination of abstract and realistic interpretations of contemporary subjects that are beautifully fused into multifaceted ethnicity, larger-than-life images. My technique can be distinguished from most artists by the way in which I combines layers of acrylic paints and inks to obtain rich undertones of line textures.

ESSENCE: How can our readers keep up with you until July?

Visit any of my websites– WWW.BIBBSART.COM


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