The Ultimate ESSENCE Fest Itinerary: Nomadness Style
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At this year’s ESSENCE Fest, there is something for everyone. Having options is great but can also make planning one serious task. That’s why we teamed up with travel influencer and founder of Nomadness Travel Tribe, Evita Robinson to give you her suggestions for a 2015 ESSENCE Festival Itinerary that’s guranteed to ease the planning process and ensure you and your posse have an unforgettable time! See Evita’s picks below:

Now nine thousand members worldwide, Nomadness Travel Tribe, is constantly in a state of preparation for our trips around the world. Living in, and traveling to, every inch of the Earth, it’s no surprise that Nomadness members are gearing up to take over #EssenceFest. So, when ESSENCE came to me to curate what our  ‘tribe’ style itinerary would look like, I went straight to my inside sources. 


Kick Off Volunteering with ESSENCE FESTIVAL Family

While the weekend will have no shortage of entertainment, Nomadness prides itself on having at least one day of volunteering on its international trips. Bridging with the ESSENCE family to give back to NOLA on day one, would take precedence for us. Pay it forward first! 

How Evita Found It: ESSENCE Magazine – March Issue 

Nomadness Jr. Option:

#YES_WE_CODE Hackathon 2015

Anyone following our social media accounts can see that Nomadness has been all about showcasing the traveling kids of the world. As I say, “The only thing cooler than adults traveling, is kids traveling.”  This is the thought process behind our future Nomadness Jr. projects. We are totally on board with the movement showcasing our kids in tech. Hack on!

How Evita Found It: ESSENCE Magazine – March Issue


Nomadness is full of singles vagabonding around the world and so many in our group are looking for love, myself included. Where do we turn? These ESSENCE EMPOWER U sessions with Paul Carrick Brunson, Kelli Fisher, and Tana Gilmore is the perfect stop on our weekend to get the love life right. 

How Evita Found It: ESSENCE Festival Website


Roaming through the Superdome, it’s all about the internationally inspired art and jewelry. Grab some pieces and then head over to the ESSENCE’s Screening Room for some cast talk backs from your favorite films and television shows. 

How Evita Found It: ESSENCE Magazine – March Issue

Essence Festival is nothing, if it isn’t a congregation of some of the best concerts that any festival puts on every year. This year’s lineup isn’t going to disappoint. For laid back ‘tribe’ members, we gravitate towards local artist Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Elle Varner, Floetry, Lianne La Havas,  India.Arie, and the incomparable Erykah Badu. For turn up time, we’d rock to the sounds of Kendrick Lamar, and Doug E. Fresh.

How Evita Found It: ESSENCE Festival Website


The Tribe clocks in at an eighty percent female demographic. We’re all about bonding and uplifting one another, no matter where we are in the world. In speaking to our own community, our members would love the #NOJUDGEMENTZONE: We Are Our Sister’s Keepers section of the Empowerment Experience. From there, we’d head over to the Future Leaders program and get a quick glimpse into next generations movers and shakers. 

How Evita Found It: ESSENCE Festival Website



Court of Two Sisters

613 Royal Street

Known for their relaxed atmosphere, and daily jazz brunch until 3pm, this is the perfect mid-day chill spot.

How Evita Found It: NOLA raised Nomadness member, Patricka. 


Felix’s Resturant

739 Iberville Street

Word on the street is their chargrilled oysters will change your life. Get there! 

How Evita Found It: Nomadness members and NOLA residents/food enthusiasts, Chanda, Macario, Radiya, and Stacy.

Seafood Fix:


841 Iberville Street

When I think of New Orleans, I think of seafood. When I think of seafood, I envision Deanie’s. One of the local favorites for everything from crawfish to their big blue margaritas. A must!

How Evita Found It: Walking up to a seemingly well-fed bouncer on Bourbon St. and asking him where he goes to eat. 

Po Boys:

Johnny’s PoBoys

511 St. Louis St. 

For the carnivores, you cannot leave New Orleans without having a poboy. Johnny’s is known for it’s cheeseburger poboy made from scratch, hand rolled. Come here for any variety of poboys and loosen one of your belt buckles. 

How Evita Found It: NOLA raised Nomadness member, Patricka. 

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